Autum festival of Pagėgiai

Autumn festival ,,Pagegiai in the Maze of Time’’ 

The annual Pagegiai regional autumn festival ,,Pagegiai in the Maze of Time’’ is one of the largest celebrations in Pagegiai area. It is arranged every year in September in the central part of Pagegiai city. Each year, the theme of the event is different – from manors culture life to heathenism.  Performers from different Lithuanian regions and abroad are invited to the festival.  They dance, sing and participate at processions. Local community’s and non-governmental organizations take part on demonstrative workshops of crafts, presentations of food and kitchen traditions and specific of Lithuania Minor. For youth are held concerts late in the evening. Important centres for the cultural life of the Pagegiai area are the Pagegiai Culture Centre, Pagegiai Public Library, Pagegiai Martynas Jnakus Museum, local community’s and non-governmental organizations.

Organizer of festival

 Pagegiai Culture Centre
Jaunimo g. 3, Pagėgiai
Tel. +370 441 57 240; +370 65 068 732


Šereikos g.5-3,
LT-99254 Vilkyškiai,
tel. +370 656 18 551,

Events calendar

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