The hill-fort (mound) of Šereiklaukis

The mound of Šereiklaukis is situated to the south of Šereiklaukis village and to the road Vilkyškiai – Bitėnai also 0,5 kilometers far from the main road. This is the only mound in Lithuania, which saw Skalvians tribal battles with the crusaders. By the rivers Nemunas and Jūra confluence stood a castle, led by Skalvian Šereika. Petras Dusburgietis in ,,Chronicle of Prussian land” writes about the year 1276 events, the history of the mound and chronicler Mikalojus Jerošinietis death of Šereika delineate at the rows. A long time the mound was not founded. Only in 1988 archaeologist Valdemaras Šimėnas found the mound of Šereiklaukis. It is very similar to other XIII century mound – castles. In 2005 archaeologists have discovered to the north-west of the mound an ancient settlement and cemetery. So far the mound of Šereiklaukis was not suitable for visitors. In 2011 the mound was maintained and the tourists can it easy to access. All three mounds in Rambynas Regional Park are fixing and adjust for visiting from the National Service for Protected Areas of concern for European Union funds.

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