The second hill-fort (mound) of Opstainiai

The mound of Opstainiai is situated at the beginning of the village Opstainiai and on the right side of the road Vilkyškiai – Bitėnai also 4 kilometers far from Vilkyškiai. This is a small mound on the shore of the river dammed Apstelė. Its slopes are low, but steep. At the top of the mound is a nearly regular circle formed field, which diameter reach of 20 meters. A long time the mound was forgotten. In 2010 the mound of Opstainiai was maintained and the tourists can it easy to access. From the top of the mound open’s a panoramic view. At the beginning of the summer tourists are attracted by red-painted foot mound with Smaliukės blossoms. The foot of the mound is equipped with a resting place. There are parking place and information stand for tourists. This mound has and other name – the second mound of Opstainiai. In 2005 and 2008 archaeological investigation were carried out. In this research was not found valuable artifacts and cultural backgrounds. However, this mound shall be considered to be protected.                                                    


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