The hill-fort (mound) of Opstainiai (Vilkyškiai, Raudondvaris)

For a long time Opstainiai (Vilkyškiai, Raudondvaris) mound located in Rambynas Regional Park was unknown. It was overgrown with bushes, trees and therefore fits perfectly into the landscape, reminiscent of the dreary forest. But now the mound invites attention from the tourists. In 2011 the mound was ordered and suitabled for visitors: trees were cut down, mound slopes were exposed and fixed, and stairs leading to the top of the mound-field and motor also a bicycle parking place were equipped. The slope of the mound aims to 17-20 meters in height. The mound-field is like a mini parkplace, with 90 meters of the length and 27-55 meters of a width. From this place open’s a wonderful views. Nearby the mound are car and bicycle parking space. This mound is situated on the right side of the road Vilkyškiai – Bitėnai, about 300 meters far from this road. The Opstainiai (Vilkyškiai, Raudondvaris) mound is one of the most famous mounds in Klaipėda region. The famous Tilsit teacher, ethnographer Edward Gizevijus published the myths and legends about this mound in the first half of the 19th century. This mound has invaluable historical value and is one of the pagan Baltic cultural heritages. The mound was once surrounded the ancient settlements, in which, through archaeological research, were ​found I - XII century finds.

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