Trakėnai Stallons

The estate of Šilgaliai was built away from the main road, on the outskirts of the Nemunas valley, which never reached the flood waters. The estate was mentioned already in the XVII century, but its main activity at the time was dairying. This estate has long been one of the strongest farm in Pagėgiai region. In the beginning of the XIX century a Prussian king established famous Trakėnai stud where Lithuanian and Prussian mares were crossbred with northern and English purebred stallions. In such a way a new breed of riding horses – Trakėnai Stallons – was bred. The homestead of the estate consists of 13 buildings, a park, fragments of water and road system. Their conditions are still quite good. The architecture of buildings is typical to historical period. The most attractive part of estate is red tiling roof. There are remains of a park behind the estate. Here You can find an impressive old oak. Its span is about 4,5 meters. Today SC ,,Nemuno žirgynas” has 350 purebred horses and is the biggest stud farm in the country by the number of stallions and the area of land. Horse fans from other countries buy this kind of sport horses. Stud house rent horses for riding and give ridng lessons. Children can attend riding lessons there because Žirgynas has a sport school.

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