Rambynas hill

Rambynas hill, wrapping up the chain of hills along the Nemunas, unveils a picturesque valley of the riover. The holy Rambynas forest is mentioned in Crusaders description of roads as early as in 1384. This was the place where Lithuanians worshiped their pagan gods and made sacrifices to them. Rambynas hill today, plunged in beautiful forest, is only a small part of the former hill that was washed out into the Nemunas in 1878. In order to preserve the ecosystem of the landscape of the Rambynas hill and that of river Nemunas meander, Rambynas Regional Park was founded in 1992. The park includes Vilkyškiai town, Opstainiai, Šereiklaukis, Bitėnai and Bardinai villages. The biggest annual festival of Pagėgiai region attracting people to Rambynas hill from all over Lithuania is a celebration of Midsummer Night. There are many listed objects of culture heritage in the park. The Nemunas valley has even 33 small lakes that were formed in the area of old riverbed, the largest of them – Merguva (44,8 ha) and Bitežeris (13,8 ha). In 2011 was equipped another stairs at the hill, which hold firm the slopes. At the moment Rambynas hill is decorated by the National award winning sculptor Regimantas Midvikis project. It is a modern altar with a deep historical sense - three pagan gods - Patrimpas, Perkūnas and Patulas.

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