Autumn Festival "Geese Market"

As tratitional Geese Market in Pagėgiai Region is celebratening  yearly on 11 November. At once geese growing in Lithuania was very popular. The tradition to eat a goose (today often replaced by a duck) on St. Martin's Day is thought to be based on the medieval tax system. November 11 was pay day, and often the tax debt was paid with a goose. It is believed that this is also the reason why geese play such an important role in legends about the Saint.

Background. Saint Martin of Tours (316 - 297 CE) initially worked as a Roman legionary but was later appointed the third Bishop of Tours. According to lore, he was a modest and altruistic man. The legend about his saving a homeless person from freezing to death by giving him half of his cloak is well-known. 

If You and Your family want to buy fat goose, on 11 November You must come to Pagėgiai

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