About the museum

About the museum

The Martynas Jankus museum was established in the printinghous of Lithuania Minor, which was rebuilt at the end of the XIX century. Here lived and worked later Martynas Jankus, one of the editors of the newspaper 'Aušra`, signatory of the Act of Tilsit and Patriarch of Lithuania Minor.

By visiting the museum you can make a picture about the life and work of Martynas Jankus, also about the book History of Lithuania Minor. The authentic tools of the printer, the printing alphabet, the letters `pre Litera` from which you can select a text and especially the rotor-printing machine is very popular by visitors.

Attractive for the tourists is the garden of the paintings of Lithuania Minor. This is a unique and new sign of culture in Lithuania that the legacy of Lithuania Minor immortalized that attracts visitors all year round and say welcome. The services of a museum guide are available also in the garden of the paintings of Lithuania Minor.

The museum, which was founded on the picturesque banks of the river Bitė, organizes various events during the tourist season. The events, such as `Night of Museen',` meeting at Martynas Jankus` that have become a tradition and annual.

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