Monuments & sculptures

Monument for Minor and Greater Lithuania reunification

In the Pagėgiai town park in 2005 was erected a monument for Minor and Greater Lithuania reunification. A monument is one toll sculpture imitate the mother’s silhouette which hold their baby to the bread. This reflects the past time – the Greater Lithuania as the mother is trying to project Minor Lithuania from disasters. This sculpture was made from rosy granite by Steponas Juška project. Nowadays in that part of the park where stand this monument takes many events, celebrations and festivals

Monument for Salzburg Protestants

A monument created by the sculptor Šarūnas Aračiauskas was unveiled in Vilkyškiai in 1998 in memory of people of the Salzburg area who took up residence in Lithuania Minor after the great plague of 1709-1711. The following inscription is carved into granite slabs in Lithuanian and German: ,,For the Salzburg Protestants who found their New Homeland in 18th century, by the Nemunas”


Monument of the men of the Vilkyškiai parish

A monument of the men of the Vilkyškiai parish who died during the First World War was built in 1920. In 2002 the monument was restored

,,Oflager – 53” in Pagėgiai

After establishing the Pagėgiai municipality, the authority worried about historical relicts, which were destroyed in Soviet time, and which are famous for tourists. There was renewed a monument of former open – air camp of captives ,,Oflager – 53”. During the World War II in this camp because unbearable conditions - hunger, cold, died over 10 000 prisoners of war. The captives camp was a branch of Buchenwald concentration camp. ,,Oflager – 53” was up to 1943. Towards the front Nazis shot prisoners and the remains showered resin, burned, so that no incriminating evidence. In 1977 was built a Memorial (sculptor Steponas Šarapovas, architect Gediminas Baravykas). This Memorial has been badly damaged from metal thief. In 2005 was built unveiled an impressive new monument. On the black granite panels engraving the words from Stasys Krasauskas work cycle ,,Forever alive”

A commemorative plaque for Bronė Savickienė

A commemorative plaque by the sculptor Regimantas Midvikis at Vydūno g. 13 recalls the memory of the writer Bronė Savickienė who lived and wrote here

Monument in memory of people killed in Eastern Prussia in Mikytai

Where roads Klaipėda, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Tilžė cross each other, there stand a monument – black, high cross, a symbol of great pain and the extent of losses. This monument is to remember the people killed 1944 – 1947 in East Prussian. During the Soviet genocide were killed about 330 thousand of people. German community  ,,Edelveisas - Wolf's children” built in 1922 year the monument 

Stele of ,,Santara”

The village of Rukai is located astride the Pagėgiai-Šilute road. The beautiful Church of St Anthony of Padua was build in 1885-1886. Across the road, a stele commemorates the organisation ,,Santara”, the union of Lithuanian youth associations

Memorial board for Algimantas Mackus

Algimantas Mackus is a famous personality of Minor Lithuania. In 2003 in the secondary school of Pagėgiai was established a museum of Algimantas Mackus. Nowadays this school is named gymnasium of Algimantas Mackus. The museum exhibit photographs, books, documents and other personal belongings of A. Mackus which to the museum give this family members and friends. For visiting of museum must be consult in advance. The wall of the house (Vytautos str., Pagėgiai) where he lived as a child is marked with a commemorative plaque.



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