2020-05-05    The birth of History Incubator

With a massive pandemic raging around the world, standing still is not the answer. In order to ensure the smooth running of the project activities, public procurement procedures were completed in April, followed by the signing of two construction contracts. The first contract was signed on April 2nd with LTD Apastata, represented by Director Mindaugas Apavičius. The main object of the works is the former stables of Vilkyškiai manor. Thanks to the project, the stables will be renovated and remodeled, and a historic interactive game and other interactive activity areas will be installed, allowing a virtual touch and feel of the historical heritage of the Kingdom of Prussia. At the end of the project, the stable building of Vilkyškiai manor will be renamed to the History Incubator



2020-02-25   Project LT-RU-1-031 Work group meeting in Sovetsk

On February 25th, when the unexpected snow started to fall down, the partners of the project LT-RU-1-031 could not get the winter out of their yards, but instead, met at the second work group meeting in Sovetsk this year.



2020-02-05    First project LT-RU-1-031 work group meeting in the New Year

For the first time in the new year, a business meeting of the project working group was held. The meeting took place in Vilkyškiai, Pagėgiai Region Tourism Information Center. Meeting attendants: Project manager Sigitas Stonys, project coordinator Gintarė Šimkūnaitė, project financier Dalia Šėperienė, director of Pagėgiai Region Tourism Information Center Ilona Meirė, project promotion specialist Evaldas Mockus, and 3 partners from Sovetsk city: New project coordinator Pavel Elizarov, former coordinator Oleg Vashurin and also financier Natalia Eremenko.


2019-12-09    Opening Conference in Sovetsk

On December 9th, the Sovetsk City Municipality Administration organized a project opening conference. The conference was attended by representatives of Pagėgiai and Sovetsk municipalities, members of the project working group. During the conference, the traces of Queen Louise were examined, and many interesting historical facts related to the life of the Queen were learned. There was a discussion on how to apply this historical knowledge to the needs of tourists. At the end of the conference, the project manager - Sigitas Stonys presented a video about the tourism resources of Pagėgiai region.


2019-11-12    Project work group meeting in Russia

On November 12th, in the Sovetsk City Tourism Information Center was hosted second work group meeting meeting of the international project “Creation, Promotion and Development of the Targeted Tourism Attraction Area between Eastern and Western Europe” No. LT-RU-1-031. During the meeting, it was decided that a project conference will be organized in December, during which the project concept and common historical links on both sides of the Nemunas will be presented.



2019-09-03     First Project LT-RU-1-031 work group meeting.

On September 3rd, in Vilkyškiai, Pagėgiai Region Tourism Information Center, the first international project “Creation, Promotion and Development of the Targeted Tourism Attraction Area between Eastern and Western Europe” LT-RU-1-031 work group meeting took place. 

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