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Dairy products in Vilkyškiai

The historic area of Lithuania Minor has long been famous for its dairy products. Traditions in this field have been cherished here for generations. Here, in Lithuania Minor, a history of a now world-famous Tilsit cheese (known in Lithuania as "Tilžės" cheese) began 200 years ago. The cheese derives its name from the XIX cent. East Prussian town of Tilsit (now a town of Sovetsk in Kaliningrad oblast) located near the Nemunas river. The dairy of Vilkyškiai, a small town the old Tilsit, started producing cheeses in 1934. Today Vilkyškių pieninė produces many delicious dairy products based on original recipes. The quality and flavour characteristics of many of them have already received evaluation at international exhibitions. We are proud to continue a long and honourable history of cheese-making with its rich traditions that have been developing in this particularly beautiful region of Lithuania, surrounded by wonders of nature. Nemunas’ saturated river meadows inspire us to create and share the bounties of nature.

In Vilkyškiai dairy shop You can buy tradition cheese ,,Tilsit“ and other dairy products

P. Lukošaičio g. 14, LT-99254 Vilkyškių mstl., Pagėgių sav.
Darbo laikas I-V 12.00 – 17.30 val.

Šereikos g.5-3,
LT-99254 Vilkyškiai,
tel. +370 656 18 551,

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