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Exposition dedicated to the writer Viktoras Algimantas Mackus

Writer Viktoras Algimantas Mackus was born in Pagėgiai on 11 November 1932. In Pagėgiai lived this family till 1939. Later A. Mackus studied at Roosevelt University in Chicago. The poetic debut of A. Mackus is "Elegies" (1950). In this book the poet resembles many minor nostalgic poets of Lithuanian emigration, who lamented their abandoned motherland and glorified the hope to come back. The second book, "His Is the Earth" (1959), was favourably accepted by critics. To all questions the poet finds only negative answers: there is no place for joy on the earth, the life is a meaningless emptiness, where the only reality and the only meaningful thing is death. The last book of poetry by A. Mackus, "Chapel B" (1965), is dedicated to writer A. Škėma, who perished tragically. It was published after the death of the poet and sounds like a necrology to himself. On 28 December 1964 Algimantas Mackus life turned into a car crash.  

Exposition dedicated to the writer Viktoras Algimantas Mackus was established in Pagėgiai secondary school in 2003. On 12 June 2008 this school became the name of Algimantas Mackus Gymnasium (Vilniaus str. 3). Original photographs and reproductions, showing the poet and members of this family, are exhibited and preserved at the exposition in Pagėgiai.

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