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Rambynas Regional Park

Rambynas Regional Park administration invite the visitors to discover the Rambynas Regional Park!

Rambynas Regional Park is one of the Regional Parks in Lithuania, situated at Pagėgiai municipality on the right Nemunas river bend inLithuanian Republic near the border of Kaliningrad Oblast. The park was founded in 1992 with its area of 4,786 ha. The Rambynas Regional Park territory for its natural and cultural heritage has been divided into eight protection and conservation zones (83.6% of the total park area).

Places to Visit

  •  Rambynas Regional Park visitor centre and exposition (Modern visitor centre with exhibition, souvenir shop and place to rest)  
  • An observation deck on the Rambynas hill (Beautiful Nemunas river valley view with its surrounding wetland planes)
  •  Lithuanian Minor pantheon - Bitėnai Cemeter (last resting place of many Lithuania Minor patrons and activists)
  • Educational eco-tourism walking trails (Many kilometers of hiking and walking trails)
  •  White stork colony in Bitėnai village (Unique white stork colony nesting in pine trees (20-24 nests, depending on the year))
  • Martynas Jankus Museum (Lithuania Minor patron and activist museum and exhibition)
  • Šereiklaukis and Opstainiai (Vilkyškiai and Raudondvaris) mound
  • Place of Šereiklaukis Manor
  • 39 “Oak Alley” (At the outskirts of Vilkyškiai woods, majestically stands 39 oak alley. Trees are 18–20 meters in height and size of 3–5 meters)
  •  Natural Monument "Witches Spurce" (Spruce declared a natural monument. Its height of 32 meter, 5 meters in waist and branching to the 18 stems. In 2007 after a major wind storms, one trunk break away, now it has 17 trunks)
  • Vilkyškiai town urban reserve
  • Viewing Platform ( Beautiful views from 15 meters high viewing platform of Merguva lake, wetland meadows and Ragainė (Neman) town in the distance)


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LT-99254 Vilkyškiai,
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