Religious objects in Pagegiai Municipality

Lutheranism was quite widespread in Klaipeda region until the middle of the 20th century. Unique Lithuanian culture developed in Lithuania Minor under influence of the protestant church, Prussia and later on under the influence of the unified Germany. Lithuanian identity was reborn in the region after Klaipeda Revolt in 1923m when Klaipeda region was incorporated into the Republic of Lithuania.

After the World War II, foreigners from various places of the Soviet Union were transferred to live in the vacant region. Such political events lead to the destruction of evangelical churches that were adapted for other uses and needs. Eventually, Catholicism became a prevailing religion in the territory of Lithuania Minor. There are the following Evangelical Lutheran and Catholic churches functioning in Pagėgiai Municipality at the moment.

Pagėgiai Holy Cross Catholic Church   


Ropkojai John the Baptist’s Catholic Church 


Vilkyškiai Saint Ann’s Catholic Church 

Pagėgiai Evangelical Lutheran Church​  

Vilkyškiai Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Žukai Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Piktupėnai Evangelical Lutheran Church and Chapel  

Natkiškiai Evangelical Lutheran Church and Chapel  

Rukai Evangelical Lutheran Church 


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