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Alley of the old oak trees

On the road Vilkyškiai – Bitėnai, 2 kilometers from Vilkyškiai, left turns firm oak alley. Elegant formed alley extending about 250 meters. It is believed that all 39 oak trees are planted at the same time. It is said to be about 130 - 180 years old. The height of the trees is about 20 meters and span of the main trunk in one meter height is about 3 – 3,8 meters. In similar age, height and size oak alley looks magnificent. Today there is still not clear the mystery surrounding this alley, because it is not clear, who and why it planted.

Cognitive path in Rambynas Regional Park

This sightseeing nature cognitive path in the Rambynas Regional Park is 1,5 kilometers long and has 11 stations, which introduces the flora, fauna and natural phenomena. This is a great opportunity to have a good and active time. More information



Reviews towers in Rambynas Regional Park


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